Dragonfire is an orange longhaired tom with patches of red and yellow.


When he was born, his mother gave him a the ability to summon fire in order to protect himself. Unfortunately, he uses it to destroy things as well as protecting himself. He fell in love with a cat with the opposite ability, water. Together, they had a son named Red. Shortly after Red turned 2, a lion escaped from the local zoo. It found them and attacked. Dragonfire defended his family while his mate took Red to safety. Once Red was safe, his mate joined the fight. Dragonfire was knocked unconcious, while his mate was killed. Red was unaware that his mother had died, so he wandered away from hiding in attempt to find her. When Dragonfire found out that his family was gone, he became enraged and began to seek vengeance. When he found Red alive, he became happier, and protective. Now, if anyone hurts Red, even on accident, they get burned.

In the StoriesEdit

Dragonfire is partially seen in Book 1: "Mystery Of A Flame" clawing at an unnamed cat's face. He says, "That should teach you not to hurt my son," implying that the cat had hurt Red in some way. Only his tail is seen leaving the scene. Later, at T.A.C.'s house, his tail is caught leaving in a photo of a fire on the news.

When Scott was fleeing from the oter agents, he crashes into Red, who was going in the opposite direction. When Dragonfire notices Red's limp, he gets mad and ignites his paws with a burning leaf. He then tries to attack the agents, but Scott uses a plank of wood and hits Dragonfire with it. Dragonfire doesn't die, but it could be percived that way. He simply turns himself into a smoke cloud and blows away with the wind. He is not seen again after this.

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